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Are you starting or developing a business project? Do you need a business turnaround and management accounting? Are you a private citizen who requires financial advice? Are you in financial trouble?


With over twenty years of experience in the field of financial planning, Diane Messier decided to pool her knowledge, skills and experience to found Solutions Affaires MR, a financial planning firm dedicated to helping you achieve financial stability, independence and success.

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Our Mission

Solutions Affaires MR is a business center offering financial services to both private citizens and commercial businesses. Whether starting, developing or staging a recovery for your business, or for individuals experiencing personal financial difficulties, our seasoned professionals will provide you with sound financial advice and help you find practical solutions to all your financial woes. Effective and sustainable methods of financial independence are what are recommended to help get you back on the path to success.

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Starting a business

Business Development

Turnaround Entrepreneur

Incorporation and Business Registration

Federal and provincial taxes


Rules of expertise in accounting and taxation

Tax financial responsibility

Administration of the GST, QST and HST

Billing system

Research funding and grants

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